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MOT History Checker

Before you book your MOT, you may want to know the expiry date of your current MOT.

If you are unsure of the expiry date of your vehicle’s MOT, this can be found on your current MOT certificate. Alternatively you can enter your vehicle’s registration below to lookup its current MOT status.


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MOT Booking Form

Please note that all MOT bookings are provisional until contacted and confirmed by one of our technicians.

Please make a note of the date and time of your MOT booking.

We kindly request that if you’re unable to make your MOT appointment, please inform us at your earliest convenience.

Missed appointments disrupt our operations, and by notifying us promptly, you allow us to offer the slot to another customer in need. Your cooperation helps us manage our resources efficiently.

Pre-MOT Checklist

Thoroughly prepare your vehicle for the MOT test by addressing potential issues using our checklist several weeks before your appointment, improving your chances of passing.

Our comprehensive checklist covers key areas commonly leading to MOT failures, enabling you to rectify flaws and ensure your vehicle is well-prepared for the test.


Prior to your MOT, ensure your braking system is in optimal condition. Look out for signs such as the car pulling to one side when braking, which may indicate underlying issues. Conduct a visual inspection of brake components, which is easier if you have alloy wheels, checking for excessive wear or damage. Test your handbrake’s strength, especially on inclines, to ensure it securely holds your vehicle.


Listen for excessive noise or rattling while your vehicle runs, as this could signal exhaust issues, potentially leading to MOT failure. Additionally, check for smoke emissions from the exhaust; while some smoke at startup is normal for diesel engines, excessive smoke may indicate a problem.

Fuel & Engine Oil

Ensure your car has sufficient fuel and oil for emission tests. Check oil levels by first ensuring the car is parked on level ground, then with the engine switched off, removing the dipstick, wiping it, then reinserting it to ensure the level falls between the minimum and maximum marks.

Interior Checks

Ensure your seatbelts lock when pulled sharply, and that the driver’s seat is able to adjust forwards and backwards, with the back of the seat capable of being firmly positioned upright. Also, confirm that both front doors can be opened from the inside. Check dashboard warning lights illuminate upon starting your car and go off before driving, ensuring to address any persistently lit indicators before your test. Additionally, please make certain your car’s interior is clean, tidy and not overloaded for a smoother inspection process.


Ensure all lights, including headlights, sidelights, indicators, brake lights, and number plate lights, are functional. Enlist help to inspect brake lights or use reflections against a wall. Check for secure light mounting to avoid potential MOT failure.


Ensure your mirrors are intact, secure, and crack-free, as cracked or smashed mirrors can lead to MOT failure. Replace any damaged mirrors before your test; online options are available, but opt for sturdy replacements to avoid issues.


Tyre problems are a leading cause of MOT failures, so thorough checks are essential. Ensure your tyres are properly inflated and have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.  Use the 20p test to gauge tread depth and watch for any unusual wear indicating potential issues. More information on how to check your tyre tread can be found on page 3 of Highways England’s Vehicle Safety Checks 2017

Windscreen & Wipers

Ensure your windscreen is free from chips or cracks larger than 40mm, especially on the driver’s side, where the limit is 10mm within the wiper area. Additionally, check your wipers and washers to ensure they provide a clear view of the road ahead; replace any damaged or deteriorated wipers and unblock any blocked washer feeds before your MOT.


How long does the MOT take?

When should I arrive for my MOT?

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Where is the MOT station?

Chequers Autos Limited can be found opposite Wandsworth Road station at 654 Portslade Road, Nine Elms, SW8 3DH. Residents of Wandsworth, Battersea, Lambeth and beyond may find it easier to use the interactive map on our contact us page to plan driving directions.

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