Where To Find Chequers Autos Limited

Below, you can find an interactive map showing Chequers Autos Limited and nearby landmarks, such as Wandsworth Road station, which may help you navigate to us for your MOT. Residents outside of Nine Elms, in Wandsworth, Battersea and further, may wish to click “directions” to calculate a driving route to us ahead of your MOT test.


How long does the MOT take?
When should I arrive for my MOT?
How much does the MOT cost?

The cost of the MOT is £50, however using our handy MOT Booking Form will discount your MOT to £39.99

What do I do if my car fails its MOT?

In the event of an MOT failure, you will be handed a Refusal of an MOT test certificate which outlines the defects found during the test. You should take your vehicle to your mechanic to repair these defects, after which you should return to Chequers Autos for a retest of your vehicle.

Do I need to pay for my retest?

Chequers Autos Ltd offers free retests, provided that your vehicle is returned to our MOT testing station with completed repairs within 10 working days.

How can I find when my MOT is due?

Your MOT expiry date can be found at the top of your current MOT certificate. Alternatively, you can click here to be taken to our MOT history checker

Where is the MOT station?

Chequers Autos Limited can be found opposite Wandsworth Road station at 654 Portslade Road, Nine Elms, SW8 3DH. Residents of Wandsworth, Battersea, Lambeth and beyond may find it easier to use the interactive map on our contact us page to plan driving directions.

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